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list of frequently asked questions

  • q:Do I need to bring any documents before signing up for the classes?

    a: Although you don't need any documents to participate in theory lectures, you must have a learner's permit in order to participate in practical training sessions. So, before you accompany us, be sure to submit an application for a driver's license.

  • q:What is the perfect age to learn to drive?

    a: As soon as you turn 18, contact us, and we will make you an expert driver in no time.

  • q:Can I change the timing of my course times?

    a: Yes, we understand if you want to change your course times. Just inform us, and we will help you.

  • q:What makes us the best driving school in South Delhi?

    a: Our commitment to our clients, dedication and the talented team make us the best driving school in South Delhi.

  • q:What if there is an emergency and I take a week off from classes?

    a: In case of any emergency, you can inform the school manager, and they will reschedule your classes.

  • q:Do you also provide a driving license after the training has been done?

    a: Yes we provide driving licenses. Please get in touch with us to get your driving license.

  • q:Can I apply for the classes online?

    a: Yes, you can apply for the classes online on our website.

  • q:How can I enroll in the beginner course?

    a: You can get in touch with us either by calling us or through our official website. Our representative will lead you from there.

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